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  • A fully environmentally friendly alternative to colouring hair
  • Made of industrial waste from the construction industry – recycled and turned into paper
  • Reusable up to 3-4 times
  • Easy to re-use simply rinse or machine wash with a few towels

The small version is 40 cm x 10 cm. The large version is 40 cm x 13 cm. Both versions contain 500 pieces. 


Paper is made from the recycled by-product of industrial waste. No trees felled, no water used, low carbon emissions and is fully degradable, reusable, recyclable and price comparative to tin foil, plastic and other tools used to colour hair. It uses 96% less energy to produce and produces no toxic waste.

  1. Cut paper to size
  2. Section hair
  3. Position paper where hair is to be coloured
  4. Rest hair to be coloured onto paper
  5. Apply colour generously to hair and paper
  6. Fold paper in half and press together
  7. Develop colour to manufactures instructions
  8. To remove - slide out and rinse
  9. To reuse - rinse and par dry by hand or wash in machine with a few towels 

The B2B shop will launch soon.
Please contact us in the meantime if you want to order products or have any questions. 

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Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. A guarantee for eco-friendly and healthy products. Read more here

AllergyCertified is an international certification to make sure that there is minimal risk of developing allergy due to usage of the product. Read more here

Ecocert COSMOS Organic is the highest level of certification of the COSMOS standard for organic and natural cosmetics. Read more here

Vegan Society represents the international standard for authentic vegan products. Read more here

Ocean Waste Plastic: ZENZ take responsibility and make an effort to clean up the world’s oceans and make sustainable packaging. Read more here.

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