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    • Heat cap for hair treatments and henna coloring
    • Booster the effect of hair treatments
    • Reduces the time of hair dye
    • Sustainable

    Self-heating HairSpa cap that boosts the effect of your hair treatment or henna coloring by adding natural heat to the treatment - without any use of electricity. An environmentally friendly choice with great effect. The cap can be used again and again.

    HairSpa acts as a super-booster for hair treatments as the heat causes the hair follicles to open so moisture and warmth can penetrate and boost the treatment. With its unique patented technology, it has an insulating layer which retains the lost heat from the scalp. This creates the perfect conditions for heat and moisture to open the outer hair layer (cuticle) and allow colour and treatment to penetrate deep into the middle hair layer (cortex).This increases the effectiveness of the treatment, and can reduce colour processing times by up to 50%.

    Direction for use:

    • Open both buttons and place it on the head.

    • Close the buttons and fasten the Velcro strap on the back so it fits the head without slipping down over the face.

    • If required use the flap at the neck area and fold up into the hat to tighten even further.

    • For highlights you may not need to even close the buttons at all to fit.

    • Secure with the strap lightly so as not to disturb the packets.

    •  After use, wipe the hat as required but do not machine wash.

    The B2B shop will launch soon.
    Please contact us in the meantime if you want to order products or have any questions. 

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    Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. A guarantee for eco-friendly and healthy products. Read more here

    AllergyCertified is an international certification to make sure that there is minimal risk of developing allergy due to usage of the product. Read more here

    Ecocert COSMOS Organic is the highest level of certification of the COSMOS standard for organic and natural cosmetics. Read more here

    Vegan Society represents the international standard for authentic vegan products. Read more here

    Ocean Waste Plastic: ZENZ take responsibility and make an effort to clean up the world’s oceans and make sustainable packaging. Read more here.

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