150 g - 5.3 oz

1000 g - 35.27 oz​

botanical henna colour​

  • 100% natural ingredients / 100% vegan ingredients
  • Without synthetic/essential perfume
  • Colours hair naturally
  • Protects, nourishes and strengthens the hair
  • Adds volume and shine
  • Professional haircare that cares about your health and environment

​Peach no. 80

Orange yellow no. 81

Mandarin no. 82

Chili no. 83

Chestnut no. 84

Walnut no. 85

​Golden blond henna

Light copper henna

Medium copper henna

Intense red henna

Reddish brown henna

Earth brown henna

​The use of highlighting herbal powders is an ancient art, where the application procedure creates a synergy between one’s hair and natural dyeing principles so that the results obtained are really unique. The key for an excellent result lies in the continuous application and practice. The art of natural highlighting can be seen as a real wellness treatment for the individual in respect for the environment.

Zenz botanical henna hair colours are nourishing and colour your hair in a natural way. They protect the hair, make it soft and shiny and adds volume.The highlighting and colouring effects of herbal powders are washed out gradually leaving the hair intact. Their activity takes place exclusively on the external part of the hair (cuticle), leaving it unchanged without modifying the internal part (cortex). The use of highlighting herbs to cover up white hair does not produce remarkable results if the percentage of white hairs is higher than 30%. Be aware that it is 100% natural hair colour and the nuances can vary from time to time

Zenz henna powder is without chemicals and contains only plants and henna colour

PEACH NO. 80 - golden blond henna

​INCI: Cassia Obovata leaf powder, Matricaria Recutita flower powder, Rheum Officinale root powder, Lawsonia Inermis leaf powder.

ORANGE YELLOW NO. 81 - light copper henna

INCI: Lawsonia Inermis leaf powder, Cassia Obovata leaf powder.

MANDARIN NO. 82 - medium copper henna

INCI: Lawsonia Inermis leaf powder

CHILI NO. 83 - intense red henna

INCI: Lawsonia Inermis leaf powder.

CHESTNUT NO. 84 - reddish brown henna

INCI: Lawsonia Inermis leaf powder, Juglans Regia shell powder, Haematoxylon Campechianum bark powder.

WALNUT NO. 85 - earth brown henna

INCI: Juglans Regia shell powder, Alkanna Tinctoria leaf powder, Hedera Helix leaf powder, Lawsonia Inermis leaf powder.

Download product fact sheet peach no. 80

Download product fact sheet orange yellow no. 81

Download product fact sheet mandarin no. 82

Download product fact sheet chili no. 83

Download product fact sheet chestnut no. 84

​Download product fact sheet walnut no. 85

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