Beat the Microbead

Beat the Microbead

The Plastic Soup Foundation stimulates all possible innovative solutions which help tackle the causes of plastic soup at source. The international “Beat the Microbead” campaign was initiated in 2012 to prevent plastic microbeads in personal care products ending up in the sea. Microplastic are pieces of plastic smaller than 5 millimetres that pollute the environment. The Beat the Microbead coalition is supported by 95 NGOs from 40 countries around the world. Today, with the progress on the knowledge about plastic ingredients in cosmetics, they focus on raising awareness about all kind of microplastic used in cosmetics and personal care products. They try to attack the issue from all sides: by engaging people, cosmetic brands and governing institutions. With this campaign, their aim is to spread awareness, provide tools to consumers such as their Beat the Microbead app so that they make an informed choice and support solutions.



We take product safety and environmental protection very seriously and we want our products to be free of microplastic. The identification of new types of microplastic is ongoing, and we incorporate continuously new knowledge into our products in accordance with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Beat the Microbead.

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