AllergyCertified is an international allergy label that certifies cosmetic products, diapers, detergents and raw materials all over the world. When you choose products carrying the AllergyCertified label, you can rest assured that their team of toxicologists have gone through every single ingredient and made a risk assessment and concluded that the product lives up to their strict quality requirements. AllergyCertified strives to offer skin friendly products. Perfume or allergenic preservatives are not allowed in AllergyCertified products.

ZENZ Organic Pure products are without synthetic perfume or essential oils and they all carry the AllergyCertified label, which means that there is minimal risk of developing allergy due to usage.


AllergyCertified is your guarantee of minimal risk of developing allergy due to usage. AllergyCertified are members of the European Society of Contact Dermatitis, which gives them access to recent research in skin allergy, perfume, preservatives and other problematic ingredients. In addition, they have established an advisory board of experts in specific ingredients and allergy.

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