ZENZ Organic HairSpa

A self-heating thermal cap designed for making hair treatments and colouring more

effective in less time. It offers a practical, convenient and effective way of adding heat with colours and treatments, naturally and without electricity.

How does it work?

It acts as a super-booster for hair treatments as it opens the follicle layers in the hair as well as it locks in moisture and warmth to boost the treatments.

With its unique patented technology, It has an insulating layer which retains the heat lost through the scalp. This creates the perfect, warm, moist conditions to open the cuticle and allow colours and treatments to penetrate deep into the cortex. This increases the effectiveness of treatments and can reduce colour processing times by up to 50%.

ZENZ Organic HairSpa is:

Self-heating thermal cap - simple and easy to use - does not require electricity - faster treatment - portable / takes up zero space - adjustable / light & comfortable - client friendly - environmentally friendly - stain resistant material / do not machine wash - reusable - flexible so ability to move while using it - easy to clean / maintain - can last up to ten years.

General information:

The technology of ZENZ Organic HairSpa gives an optimal heat all around the hair, ensuring a perfect result whether it’s used for a hair treatment or for colouring.

It gives the freedom to move around while having a treatment in the hair.

The result is at least as good as when using heat from an electricity-consuming hairmaster.

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