Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards 2021

2021 Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards - celebrating the best of new, natural, organic, green and clean beauty launches from the Nordics. It's part of Global Makeup Awards together with the other market regions: UK, US, and Asia. 

The winners of Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards have just been announced and ZENZ Organic Products won 7 awards in the categories:

  • Best Scandinavian Beauty Brand
  • Best Vegan Beauty Brand
  • Best Mascara 
  • Best Conditioner
  • Best Bath / Shower Product
  • Best Hair Treatment

We are proud to see our products and brand in these categories as they match with our DNA for ZENZ Version 2.0


Best scandinavian beauty brand

Best Scandinavian Beauty Brand - GOLD WINNER 

Written about the category: "Coming from Copenhagen, ZENZ Organic is setting the bar high for the Scandinavian Beauty Scene. With a range of not just Organic hair care products, they also provide mineral based makeup and natural oils. Their certified products contain natural and certified organic ingredients which means you can be sure of what you are putting on your hair and skin. The products work beautifully and they always have innovative new scents.The packaging is made of recycled plastic."

Best Vegan Beauty Brand

Best Vegan Beauty Brand - BRONZE WINNER

Written about the category: "The vast majority of ZENZ Organic Products are vegan and based on vegetable ingredients. ZENZ Organic Products are in the process of getting the Sunflower logo on their vegan products. We are proud of their commitment to trying to move towards more vegan products. Furthermore, when some ingredients do contain non-vegan ingredients, these are of natural origin and by-products. For example, beeswax is a by-product of honey production, lanolin is a by-product of wool production. They use a waste product that is derived from a production process."

ZENZ Organic Natural Mascara Ava

Best Mascara: 
Natural Mascara Ava - GOLD WINNER 

Written about the product: "This mascara is allergy friendly which is so important these days and means nochance of teary lashes. It can also be used during pregnancy too as it contains 100 % natural ingredients and 23 % if those are organic too. This mascara enriches the lashes with organic bees wax, carnauba wax and castor oil, which has a softening, moisturising effect and adds shine. A truly wonderful mascara that gives a great look, while being natural and allergy friendly."

Find more information about the mascara here


ZENZ Organic Contioner Sweet Sense no. 05

Best Conditioner: 
Conditioner Sweet Sense no 05 - SILVER WINNER 

Written about the product: "As usual with ZENZ Organic, we have to praise their ingredient selection. This conditioner is 99 % natural and a whopping 87 % certified organic. With a deliciously sweet scent of bergamot and orange blossom, you'll be wanting to smell your hair all day. The conditioner enriches the hair with vitamins and minerals that soften, protect and add moisture. Leaves the hair healthy, shiny and easy to comb. This conditioner is particularly suited to finehair, and adds moisture, strength and vitality. Some hero ingredients in this conditioner are: organic purified aloe vera, organic glycerin and organic cold-pressed avocado oil.

Find more information about the conditioner here


ZENZ Organic Contioner Deep Wood no. 08

Best Bath / Shower Product: 
Conditioner Deep Wood no. 08 - GOLD WINNER 

Written about the product: "We are swooning over the scent of this conditioner. Relax into your hair-wash with the soothing scent of sandalwood, patchouli and myrrh. All the while, be safe in the knowledge that this conditioner is madewith 99 % natural ingredients. The stars of the show are organic purified aloe vera, organic glycerin, organic cold-pressed avocado oil and essential oils. Specifically designed for curly and dry hair, this silicone-free conditioner helps with scalp problems too."

Find more information about the conditioner here. 


ZENZ Organic Shampoo Deep Wood no 07

Best Bath / Shower Product: 
Shampoo Deep Wood no. 07 - Bronze WINNER

Written about the product: "The partner in crime to the deep wood conditioner, which won gold. We also love the shampoo by ZENZ Organic in Deep Wood no 07. Th silicone free formula cleanses the hair, leaving it clean, fresh and revitalised. It also contains vitamins and minerals to leave hair healthy and shiny. It is silicone free, and has a calming effect on irritated scalps thanks to its special blend of organic purified aloe vera, organic coconut water, organic cold-pressed avocado oil and essential oils."

Find more information about the shampoo here. 



ZENZ Organic Treatment Pure no 03


Best Hair Treatment: 
Treatment Pure no 3 - BRONZE WINNER 

Written about the product: "This product is a little bit different to usual - it is a protein hair treatment that treats the hairfrom within. We noticed it works very well on very dry and damaged hair. It enriches the follicle with proteins, vitamins and minerals and leaves it strengthened and silky soft. This product is fragrance free, 99,8 % natural and vegan."

Find more information about the treatment here

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The Global Green Beauty Awards unites all the 4 markets: Scandinavia, UK, USA and Asia. The Awards together "reflects how consumers are looking for eco friendly beauty brands that similarly share a shared desire for greener, cleaner and more natural beauty products." ZENZ Organic Products has won 3 Global Green Beauty Awards in 2021.

Global green Beauty awards 2021

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