ZENZ minimises the environmental footprint by reducing the plastic consumption

Almost 80% of all plastic waste ends up in landfills worldwide, but only 9% is recycled. In addition, 900 tones of plastic waste are discharged every hour into the world's oceans (Source: World Economic Forum/dr.dk). The numbers speak for themselves. There is no doubt that plastic harms the environment and destroys natural ecosystems. They are fragile and are affected by the way we live as humans, just as microplastics contaminate human and animal bodies.

ZENZ wants to make a postive change to this. Sustainability is our core belief, and to minimise the consumption of plastic, ZENZ has its own ecosystem and sustainable solutions. We are convinced that we can make a difference together to protect our environment and nature and to avoid plastic to do more harm than good.

A reduction of min. 40% CO2 

With our ZENZ Organic Products Version 2.0 we have reduced the environmental impact by at least 40% on average. Our shampoos and conditioners are made more effective, which means that they last longer despite keeping the same high quality. It means you get the same effective result by using 30% less. The packaging's environmental footprint has been reduced with a little over 50%. The total CO2 account has been reduced by close to 40% on average. Read more in the Danish report "Bæredygtig bundlinje 2.0: Miljøoptimeret emballage ZENZ" find it here.



Packaging of recycled plastic

At ZENZ we want to recycle the plastic that has already been produced. Therefore, most of our packaging is made from recycled plastic from consumers and industry. By using recycled plastic, we can also take advantage of the benefits of the material, which both counts the unique durability and that it is easy way to keep it clean. Find all our product here.

ZENZ shampoo and conditioner in packaging of recycled plastic

ZENZ Refill: Refill stations in the salons 

ZENZ Refill is a new concept where you can refill your empty ZENZ 2.0 bottles (shampoo, conditioner and treatment) with new product in our salons. It will contribute to minimise the environmental footprint and we can take care of our environment on land and in the oceans. Read more about our Refill-concept here

ZENZ refill system with shampoo and conditioner

Salon furniture made of recycled plastic

(Expected in 2023)
When our customers are finished with their ZENZ products, we encourage them to drop off the empty packaging in the salons, to be included in our recycling system. A collaboration with A:GAIN in Copenhagen will recycle some of our empty packaging and produce displays and furniture for our salons. Today we use recycled plastic from Carlsberg.  

ZENZ products on furniture made of recycled plastic

Remove plastic from the oceans 

We are not only reducing the production of plastics, but we also help cleaning the oceans and rivers. In collaboration with ReSea, Ocean Waste Plastic collects plastic from the world's oceans 1:1 against the product's packaging weight. This plastic is sorted and recycled locally in Jakarta, Indonesia. Read more here

Plastic bottle on beach

UN's Sustainable Development Goals 

At the same time, we will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals from UN, which includes sound consumption and ensuring a healthy environment and nature. Read more about what we do here

ZENZ work with UN's Sustainable Development Goals



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