Ocean Waste Plastic

At ZENZ, we want to help recycle plastic and reduce the amount of virgin plastic being produced. Therefore, much of our packaging comes from 100% recycled plastic from consumers and industry.

Through our collaboration with Pack Tech and their partner ReSea, who manage a documented and certified cleanup process, we are making a conscious effort in removing plastic waste from the world’s oceans. They collect plastic from the world’s oceans 1:1 against the packaging weight of our products. This plastic is sorted and recycled locally in Jakarta, Indonesia. In this way, we do something good every time a ZENZ product is produced.


ZENZ is an official OWP+ Partner

“Our mission is to create a healthier and more sustainable beauty industry. As a frontrunner in the industry, we are proud to be an official OWP+ Partner. This means we can support the development of new technologies, that can make a difference in the future by converting plastic from the world's oceans into packaging.” – Jørgen Skjødt, CEO.



Read more about Ocean Waste Plastic here.

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